Herbal Consult

30 Minute Session


Herbal remedies are an ancient, proven form of medicine used throughout the world.

The use of medicinal plants can help prevent and cure diseases. Herbal medical treatments aim at dealing and severing the root of disease and not simply the symptoms. This form of medicine is powerful and can treat issues that seem to linger, with seemingly no cure.

Chinese herbal medicine is great for a number of people including:

  • Those who want to improve their health.
  • Those who wish to try a more natural approach to medicine.
  • Those who have tried conventional medicines and had bad side effects, or if their symptoms never truly improved.
  • Those who have exhausted all conventional treatments with no success and wish to try a different approach to health and well-being.

If you think you would benefit from herbal medicine treatment, book your consultation by using the button below. We will assess your individual needs and Dr. Bendig will provide you with the herbal treatment perfectly suited to you.

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